It’s not every day that I will give praise to a government developed document but this is one of those exceptions. It’s actually an older document in regard to signage so some the studies should be updated with current marketing trends such as SEO and mobile device users but the overall data is excellent. It’s a long read and there is much written here about design best practices which you do not need to worry about if you start with the right sign company. Do yourself a favor though and read at least the first three chapters whether you think you need a new sign or not.

What I want you to really take away from this is the value of signage. I know that can sound self-serving for a sign company to tout the value of signage but if you read the case studies here you will get a glimmer of my passion for helping businesses be successful. I get a lot of joy out of seeing our customers’ businesses grow as a result of the work we did, especially those businesses that seem stuck. It can be frustrating when a customer will refrain from allowing us to help them in a way we know will really make a positive impact on their bottom line.

How do people really see your business? How did they find you? There are some great ways to gauge your visual branding success but the best way is to simply start asking your customers, either in person, online via surveys or social media.

“Readership: Determining readership is a way of learning whether or not your sign is successfully branding its intended message in the mind of consumers. Can someone who sees your sign recall its message hours or days after having seen it? When viewed, is there recognition of your product or service in the mind of that person?”

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