Wayfinding signage that makes a positive first impression

• Wayfinding design, fabrication, & installation
• Plaza and campus wayfinding
• Environmental graphics
• Multi-family, condo, and apartment wayfinding signs
• Interior signs and directories
• ADA and suite packages
• Interior and exterior directories
• Theme signage
• ADA programming

The last thing you want is frustrated customers and poorly developed wayfinding and directional signage is very frustrating for the very customers you want – new ones! It is very difficult to step back and see through the eyes of your clients as a business owner. We take the time to diagnose and develop signage that not only directs your visitors but does so while setting the tone and character on the way.  Northwest Sign & Design is a full service sign company who works with business owners, interior designers, architects, and developers to design. fabricate, and install high-end sign packages.  

Wayfinding programming and planning

For any wayfinding project to be effective and organized there must be a plan.  We use programming to create a detailed signage plan. This initial phase of the project involves strategic placement of sign types, developing message lists, refining sign types and creating sign designs. This phase is the most time consuming and can have the greatest impact on overall success of a project.  Do you have a new project that needs wayfinding and ADA signage?  Meet with us during your initial design phase to collaborate with our design team on custom wayfinding packages that blend with your interior design and architecture.