The advantages of leasing

  • Lower Costs—By leasing, you get the signage you need without paying the full cost upfront. Payments are regular and fixed, which makes budgeting easy.
  • More Credit—It’s usually easier to get a lease than a bank loan. And, because leases aren’t bank loans, your lines of credit are freed up for other needs.
  • Tax Savings—Lease payments can also be deducted as business expenses (without the messy depreciation calculations).

You can lease your sign with a program that offers a low buy out in the end. Interest rates will vary greatly depending on how long you have been in business and your credit.

Leases can usually be approved very quickly and easily but since you are paying on a lease schedule, paying it off early has little advantage.

Leasing Process

When applying for a lease, you can expect the process to be quick, hassle free, and include the following steps:

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