So far we have looked at the common methods of picking a sign company as opposed to best practices. Assuming you have followed my advice, you have done your homework and have decided which company you would like to work with on your project and now it is time to hand things over.

The first step in the design process is to educate the sign company you have partnered with, a good sign company will ask you questions about your company and clients. One of the things I have always enjoyed about being in the sign business is the great variety of people and businesses we encounter; from the local restaurant owner who has built his business from the ground up to the aerospace manufacturer making key components for satellites. Successful signage must work with the existing marketing plan and appeal to the intended audience so understanding your business is an important step in the design process.

Understanding your budget is also an important step in the sign design process. While throwing more money at your sign project may not result in the best looking sign, it is important to design within the proper parameters. Overall size, lighting options, and materials are all affected by the budget range so determining the edges of that range will greatly expedite the process.

The final step is to share your existing visual marketing materials and then you can get back to running your business. This process will take a small time investment up front and as a business owner I understand that time is precious but investing that time here will save exponentially more hours down the road and will result in a sign that directly increases sales.

Next week – Sign advice from the SBA