The typical sign buying process often starts off with the question of price. Of course, price is important but making that the deciding factor labels signage as a commodity, much like buying a new office chair. How much for the leather one with 5 casters? The competing sign companies then develop some sort of basic layout to show materials and assign a price to it, making the options all about materials and costs.

This is a completely backward process and puts you in charge of the design process. This would be much like hiring a lawyer and then telling him how to litigate your case for you.

Hire a sign company you trust, and then trust them! Hire a company based on experience, quality, service, and most of all, design capabilities. A good company will want to learn about your business and then be able to develop a solution for you that will be effective in drawing in your ideal client. They will also be able to easily work through the permitting process, fabricate, and install your sign all while you concentrate on building your business.

There are several types of sign companies, from vinyl graphics to trade shows to electric signs. Take some time to find the company that is right for your project and you will find the process to go much smoother. Focus your time on interviewing the company, not on your sign. Ask about their history, process, and warranty and then ask for references! Talk about your budget and the scope of your project to see if they are a good fit. Finally, make sure they are a licensed contractor, L&I has a contractor look up tool which is very easy to use.

Next week: The most effective sign is not necessarily the most expensive sign.