Josh Stoddard



Josh Stoddard joined NW Signs using the ol' my dad owns the company trick. At the time he had no particular goals for the future of his career but making signs was substantially more appealing then stocking shelves at Target. He was trained to do general tasks around the shop and slowly acquired a well-rounded skill set in assembling signs and using tools. He was recognized for working hard and getting things done quickly and was promoted to a position operating the CNC router table. He continued to work hard and greatly reduced the amount of material wasted at the router and was once again promoted, this time to a position in the office as a drafter. In this new role he is using Illustrator and Solidworks to produce drawings for workers on the shop floor and soon will be creating files for CNC machinery.

Off the clock he is most likely working out, doing nerdy things at his computer, cooking something with garlic or spending time with his girlfriend. He is extremely grateful to his parents for the lessons learned working in a small business and hopes that one day he can apply these skills to start his own company.

What is your favorite past-time or hobby?

My favorite hobby is definitely working out

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