Gabe Stoddard

general manager


For Gabe, there was no traditional start here. He grew up around the craft almost his whole life, his childhood was filled with great examples of hard work and dedication from two loving parents who were growing a legacy as well as a raising a family. As he got older and better with the tools he could use, he was given the next “cool toy” to achieve the next art project he could make with whatever scraps were lying around. Eventually, the day came where Gabe was offered a position here at NW Signs where he could take the tool skills he had acquired and begin to put them to work.

The path lain before him was as exciting as it was straight forward. He started in an assembly position where he would bend and make channel letters by hand and assisted where ever he could. Over the next couple of years, he learned how to do electrical, weld, fabricate, operate machines and CNCs, Install, and would eventually have some level of expertise in all the facets of the sign craft. He quickly grew to the role of a lead fabricator and now carries that experience over to his new role as a production analyst.

Where's the most interesting place you've been?

The ocean reefs in Hawaii

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